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Babylon, the Great Harlot

Motto: ”… come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. (…) and ye shall be my sons and daughters…”(2 Corinthians 6:17-18)

What does Babylon mean in the book of Revelation in fact? Since this prophetic book mainly contains future visions, it is obvious that it is not the Old or the New Babylonian Empire, but rather a spiritual empire, which is for some reason called Babylon. If we accept the supposition that any visible comes from the invisible or that the visible is the reflection of the invisible, we can easily imagine that there's a place (not definitely on the Earth), which is called Babylon in the world being invisible for us and its representation of modern times is present in a form on the Earth. Babylon comes across as a woman in the book of Revelation, which is virtually the counterpart of the Church. If the Church is a pure virgin, the spotless bride of Jesus Christ, Babylon is the opposite of all of these. A filthy, corrupted woman, the embodiment of an intellectual community of which the members are engaged in an intellectual activity, which is despised by God, since he judged it to fail, as we can read it in part 17 and 18 in the book of Revelation. But who are these people? Is it possible to specify of which religion, which congregation the members they are? No unanimous resolution exists in this respect. The historic churches find the newly appeared churches to be Babylon and voices in the charismatic awakening say: this is the Catholic Church. Many Christian churches and denominations think that it involves the total number of pagan religions. However, I am afraid this is a more complex phenomenon. Babylon or Babel means the diversity of peoples. It is worth of considering on what are written in Genesis 11:3-4: ”... let us make brick ... build us a city and a tower … and … make us a name ....” And construction is in process both in a spiritual sense and in the real world.

Her spirituality is the following: although it does not deny the existence of a superior God, in its way of thinking man is emphasized and elevated. This spirituality claims that man is originally good, so we have been entitled to a kind of dignity ever since our births and humanity has the ability to become better we just have to discover the good in ourselves. God dwells within man. We have to be aware of the un-exploitation of our own restraints and we must develop it to be perfect. This belief is completely the opposite of the one which can be found in Bible: human character is corrupt, that’s why salvation was a need. This spirituality refers to the spirit of a saviour, a "Master", it does not deny his presence and reality, but does not confess that Jesus is Christ appeared in body. In this belief Jesus is simply regarded as an existing someone of some rank (maybe a prophet), a minor character. The thinking of natural sciences made possible for people to recognize the capacity of his ability to develop, and perhaps the limits of it too, therefore a longing for a higher intelligence and the investigation for it have made possible, make possible to experience the supernatural, which testifies that the desire for the spiritual need and the interest of human race appear again. This spiritual need which is reciprocal, coupled with the thinking of natural sciences is centralized in the hand of a narrow stratum. They are preparing the slowly rising single world religion which accepts anyone regardless of denomination and which gives free way to the rule of Antichrist.

Her strength comes from the supernatural world, by experience in such a way. This experience is very real and goes beyond human capabilities. That certain narrow stratum keeps contact with supernatural beings by occult practices. They do it in secret in order to be able to own any kind of knowledge, which has been in their possession while searching the superior intelligence. The invisible supernatural world, however, has two poles. A part of it is good and the other part is bad. And not only that it is of two poles, but also layered in hierarchy. Even the forces of the bad side of supernatural reality are bigger and more superior than human forces but less inferior and weaker than that of the good. Anyone can get in touch with the supernatural world, with superior beings/creatures, however the Word claims that Jesus Christ is the supernatural being, through whom God can be reached. He is the door we must enter the supernatural reality, the fourth dimension. The person is looking for another way, goes through the window, is a thief, and commits fornication in a spiritual sense. Just the same way as Babylon does it in the Word. (Rev 17, 18)

The spirituality and power of Babylon appear in some form in the visible world. It is usually embodied in a unit which is coupled with political, military, social and commercial cooperation. The Word, however, warns that ”remove out of the midst of Babylon” (Jeremiah 50:8) and ”go ye forth of Babylon” (Isaiah 48:20). In the book of Revelation 18:4, God’s people are also instructed to run out of it and not to be identified with her sins to be able to avoid her plagues. Where do we exactly have to go out of and how can we do it?

As a believer I think that neutral behaviour is desirable in social and political issues, since we do not come from this world and we do not belong to here. (However, keeping up with the current international politics is not just recommended but it is needed!) Military participation is clearly wrong. In case of trade, it is unlikely that trading activity would be the problem essentially. The point is rather that there will be an unprecedented period in human history when, due to globalisation, the totally centralized power will undermine the individual's life in a way that nobody will be able to buy or sell anything, so to obtain anything without cash flow, unless he/she receives the mark of Antichrist in his/her right hand or forehead, or the number of the name of Antichrist (666). (Rev 13:16-18)

The concept and spirituality of money, which is called Mammon in Bible is the ancient enemy of God, embodies all of the short-term and non-durable possessions, which set up false and distorted values and which ”bound” people to this earthly being, to a more inferior existence. This is precisely what Satan wants. The proprietorship over the Earth given to him stimulates him to disclose worthless things to people and designate them as values. He wants to keep people under his control and wants to deprive them of knowledge. Man should be primarily spiritual being, money tries to divert his/her attention from his/her desire for the Creator and also from the superior world or civilization (= heaven), which is ultimately the destination of the spiritual human being. In this spiritually chaotic world man doesn’t know where to stand because of the diversity of religions and in the labyrinths of the often divided Christianity and which community to belong to in order to find the true path. It is difficult for the individual to find the right way among the seemingly true statements and utterances of a great number. Words without action sound empty and lose their meanings. I think that God will create a live situation, when He wants to clearly see, which side the person will stand to. World and Church then will be completely separated by the fact that the individual makes a decision between the two sides. This is one reason why He will allow the rise and the rule of Antichrist anyway. But if we see his rise, resolution will be late to be made and if we look around the world, we could feel and see even instinctively that the world doesn’t take the right direction to flow. Today, the world of capitalist spirituality got completely to a further distance from nature, for man a more alienated lifestyle evolves. The process of going-out (removing out of Babylon) entails obvious difficulties, but it is worth, since we can justify, prove our love for God in this way. (Matthew 7:21-23) Considering all of these, I would also like to draw the attention that I find the overemphasizing of financial blessing wrong in any kind of community where the question of prosperity is seen to be central. This is not what is the believers’ calling off.

I write additionally that since 1933 there hasn’t been any gold reserve behind the notes, as well as coins as for the retail deposits. (In the wake of ‘Great Illusion’ by Philadelphia congregation) The SDR (Special Drawing Rights) system introduced in 1944, determined the notion of the so-called ‘paper gold’ by the cooperation of 44 states: a theoretical value connected to the gold has been established that the member-states have linked up to the value of their own currency. This effort was not long-lived, because the gold-dollar relation was abolished in 1971 with reference to the potential of the effectiveness of the free market and since then USD has become a dominant currency, a point of comparison. In reality, money is a concept behind which there is no real value. It is a piece of paper, which arises out of nowhere, it is provided with value which can be whenever taken away from it. Monetary system now constitutes a network, which trades with itself, because the circulation of goods behind it is very small in fact. Today, the primary objective of the international financial flow is no longer to ensure the conditions of production, but to make profit.

How the method of payment in this world is realized today can be seen very well: the introduction of card-systems (bar codes; bar-coding) is the forerunner of the indexing (filing) system, which will allow that certain single world order to operate. From 28 June 2009, the member-states of the EU will be uniformly reorganized to issue biometric passports. (Biometric passports contain RFID (radio frequency identification) chips in which some individual physical, physiological characteristic of the person can be found (see biometric identification generally here). The unified introduction and registration of biometric identification (identity) cards are on schedule, in some countries (e.g. in Germany) its fingerprint version has been in use already. By 2012 according to further plans the bar codes will have been replaced by chips in the trading of goods. People, new generations get gradually and imperceptibly accustomed to this system and Antichrist will enter as a saviour of a probable economic reorganization and financial crisis, as a 'benefactor'. By then receiving the mark will not be conspicuous for the majority of people (Rev 13:16-18). On an experimental basis, some volunteers have agreed that a 2 grain length (about 11.5 mm) silicon chip of radio frequency should be implanted into their right hands. The importance of the implantation of the chip is explained that on the one hand citizens can live in much simpler and safer living conditions on the other hand terrorism and legal crime can be eliminated by it. The micro-chip will be tracked by satellite. It will be read by such portable devices needed for identification that will be equipped in all offices, banks, shops, restaurants, hospitals, clinics and the other places where financial transactions are expected. The code (666) makes an attempt to develop a perfect human society. According to some ideas the elimination of money will take place during the era of ”Messiah”. Since money is not the source of wealth, but the cause of poverty, the solution is if humanity eliminates money as means of payment ...

With reference to our earlier argumentation, we can assume that the Rapture is expected to happen in the last 3 and a half year period of Antichrist’s rule. Those who are intent on avoiding the totalitarian system of Antichrist and the submission to him – have to make preparations. Going out of Babylon means to me to remove ourselves gradually from the domination, control and hegemony of the present world even in a physical sense. It is necessary to find a solution how to be independent on the ‘common’ in personal life and how to realize autonomy, self-care, and reserve-keeping, which will mainly have significance in the period when it will be impossible to buy or sell anything without the mark! Who does not do so in time, until it is still possible, may be a true martyr (Rev 13:7) in case he/she chooses God and as a protest does not surrender to Antichrist.

The Times World Atlas estimates that by 2030 urban population will total 60.2% of the global one, this figure was only 36.8% in 1970. Urbanization is also a sign of centralization.

Going out of Babylon itself is not an abrupt step, but a process which can be useful even more because we can face such difficulties in our life when we cannot use means of payment due to the depreciation of currencies in the world economic crisis, because if the financial system suddenly crashes, you will have two options: implanting the chip into yourself or starving to death. (On 10 September 2008, the European Union officially announced an economic recession based on the fact that for the past 2 years, the EU's economy has shown a declining trend. The U.S. real estate crisis affected the international economy. In September 2008, the biggest global economic crisis of the 21st century is predicted as the ripple effect of U.S. financial crisis.)

It is possible that there will be a situation when humanity - initially not visibly, but later very clearly – will break up into two camps. (2Thess 2:3; 1John 4:3). Into those who identify with the spirituality of Antichrist discussed above and into those who instinctively or consciously reject it. This spirituality will be embodied with a force in Antichrist that if possible, even the elect will be convinced. So, the Church herself will undergo a trial!

Urging 'positive thinking' unreasonably, which appears in common knowledge - at the level of individual, that of community and globally - is dangerous, since it avoids the truthful God's judgement. And what is good and what is bad makes a totally different interpretation, it is starting to merge. (2Cor 11:14 "... for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.") The scale of values is becoming upside-down in an obscure, tricky way: a social form develops in which relative prosperity offered free successfully make people believe the original goodness of the great 'Emperor'. (And here I would like to underline that he will do good things to humanity at the beginning indeed making really good impressions even on the elect, do not forget!) Plagues coming from God - because they will be bad for humanity being tortured by them (2 witnesses - Rev 11:3; 6; 10) – will be said to come from the evil, while Antichrist coming across as the saviour of mankind and whose ‘deadly wound was healed' (Rev 13: 3-4), will be said to be God. The returning of Jesus Christ, which is expected in the Mount of Olives, is set by the counter-pole that in the Middle East a God who calls himself Saviour will arrive in the near future. He will come with manipulative purposes. This will be an intruder who is not the representative of the Light. Light is no other than Lucifer, who is enlightening people with his light. The group of 'enlightened' is growing and evolves into a world religion. Year 2000, the general world’s end atmosphere before the second turn of the millennium after Jesus Christ, the peaceful turn of the millennium calmed people down. For the World there is no sense to wait for judgement anymore. Humanity takes a deep breath and is made believe that it is not more than rumour, let’s build the beautiful future. 'Positive thinking' has a risk in the long run by which man becomes estranged from rational value judgment and denies truth and justice which is God's will. (words on divine justice in the New Testament: Luke 18:7-8, Acts 12:23, Romans 2:6-11, Romans 12:19, 2Cor 10:6, 2Thess 1:6, 2 Tim 4:14, Hebrews 10:30-31, and several words in the book of Revelation.)

Babylon and Babel appear in a unique way today. I can see many similarities between them and the construction of the tower of Babel. Today, science is of a degree and operates in areas breaking every boundary, which - even with the consideration of humanist ideals, often with reference to it – is said immoral. Human unity and solidarity are so widespread even now as they were that time. It is against God and the Redeemer Jesus Christ, which will be not tolerated by the Almighty after a while. The initiative of Nimrod reaching back thousands of years is growing steadily now, but it cannot avoid its fate. Its outcome is known: it is doomed to fail. Go out of her!

Words about removing out of Babylon: Isaiah 48:20; Isaiah 52:11; Jer 50:8; Jer 51:6-7; 45; Rev 18:4.

The fall of Babylon will suddenly occur: Jer 51:64; Rev 18:21.

Related to this theme see also: Jer 50:35; Ezek 30; Ezek 9:4; Acts 17:16

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